I haven’t had the chance to post about FRN yet, but it was simply amazing. I had so much fun. I met some new people, but I mainly saw a bunch of people I met at RTC and people I haven’t seen in so long <3 I took so many pictures with everyone lol. So for the spirit rally, D2 was spread out all funny on the bleachers. And it was so confusing, but D44S was super loud, even though they were a small group. I admired their spirit C: I’m proud of D2 for being pretty loud and spirited. I most definitely yelled my voice away <3 AKJFL:SD. D27N had confetti. I was like Whuttttt. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? But yeah, their cheer was pretty cool C: D7S won, yet AGAIN LOL. I swear they should split into like D7SE and D7SW. They’re too big…

Well, after the spirit rally, I hung out with some friends, and we had like 4 LTGs with us: Charles, Marissa, Ashley, and Vanessa LOL. They’re all super cool and nice people C:

OMG, I got twerked on…by D27N Grizzlies. I was just walking past a group of them, and they were twerking, and then they all got in a circle around me and twerked on my as they walked pass me. I was just like Whut…happened….Yeah, it was pretty uhm, interesting and a bit scarring.

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    And not a single mention of D8. Way to go guys.
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    Oh Gawd, Huy, was this your doing? Awkward hand holding AND twerking?!
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